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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Aug 20, 2009 12:21am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is the Archive now under the control of Sun Systems?

Cancel last message. (and duplication was due to excess moose clicks due to me shivering from the cold, I suspect my body temperature regulating medication needs increasing again, I had the relevant blood test done 2 days ago, but wont get the report till Monday)

The successful page is still there in fact, I was trying the saved URL for a failed attempt.

The correct URL is

Gerry, that raises a very interesting question, for that first successful attempt after 5-6 failures I used a SHORTENED name.

Could it be that the past page name automatic shortening if too long NO LONGER WORKS, so now, if the name is too long, it only checks for uniqueness now, no longer shortens the name, just adds the number suffix, lets you upload, not telling you that its going to fail because the name is too long.

But Gerry, this following idea I will check later on the tasks page, with my 5 failures, could it be that checking uniqueness of file name, does NOT report back that I already used the name, but only adds the suffix, and when my page is being derived, that suffix triggers the failure, I.E. the suffix is a FLAG to the IA system saying something wrong (repeat of name) triggering the failure?

The suffix could be intentional, but not working right. The suffix indicates the error to the IA, but does not trigger a report back to the up loader.

In fact, that whole name checking thing, might be bust, it works, but does no more than add a error suffix code.

Gerry, if you got time, create a dummy document, with a short file name, and manually add in that -xxx code, (get the correct xxx from my first posting) and see what happens. (I am suffering from cold just now, if you can not, I will do so later)

Why did my first upload fail? Not sure, but I going to review those suffixes, there is more than one.

I wonder if there is a suffix that says, ALL OKAY? Or one that indicates SUPER USER ACCESS? Maybe one that gets a million bucks deposited into my bank overnight?

But Gerry, might there be ONE suffix, that triggers the old system back into use?

Hey Tracey, please please dont interfere, I am learning heaps and heaps, the more I study your system and software.

Peter is at his best when he finds number patterns. (In NZ, it has enabled me to find secret phone numbers, that doctors at ED GREATLY appreciate when I tell them, it saves them time, as it bypasses the useless triage call centre for mental health services. On 29th July 2009, I got my assessment saying that the last 30 years of of medication trying to cure me, was a waste, as there was nothing wrong, they just made matters worse. (The ED doctors encouraged me to get that assesement, they saw what was really wrong) And I have been med free for 18-months, but now I got medication to help me cope with the damage they did to me. Any wonder they leave via the back door, when I arrive? They picked on the wrong person, as sticking up for my rights the last 30-years, resulted in me becoming their worse nightmare, I got too clued up, I no longer get tricked into taking medication I know to be bad for me. They are not used to somebody saying NO

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Poster: skies Date: Aug 20, 2009 9:30am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Is the Archive now under the control of Sun Systems?

Peter time traveller :so the creepos thought you were a problem to their problems and wanted to solve it all by pushing their rentable merchandise/medication ?